Earn $5 for every new customer (high school student/family) or Student Advisor you refer!

The bigger and more diverse the Major Decision community, the better and more valuable it is for everyone. That’s why we’ve introduced the Major Decision Referral Program.

Help grow the community and receive a financial reward for doing it. All customers (high school students and families), Student Advisors and Brand Ambassadors with an active account are automatically enrolled and eligible to earn Referral Rewards.

We’ve kept the program simple—just give your Referral Code to anyone you’re encouraging to join the community, and you’ll receive your Referral Reward after they have their first conversation.* 

* Terms and conditions apply. The Referral Program description and Referral Rewards amounts are current as of January 2020 and are subject to change. You can learn more about the Program in the FAQs. Check our Terms of Service for complete rules.

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