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Be more effective as you counsel and support college-bound students and their families.

What is Major Decision?

Major Decision gives you a new tool to help high school students make smarter choices about the college search process.

Students gain access via text or video session to the people who know their future schools the best—current college students at the schools of their choice—anywhere in the U.S. They’ll receive honest, impartial feedback on admissions, majors, athletics, Greek life, the local community and more!

Major Decision can help your students:

Refer a Student

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How It Works

You may purchase sessions to offer at your school, or students can book appointments directly with their selected Student Advisor. Your students can:

Search for a Student Advisor

Schedule a text or video call


Speak with your Advisor


Rate the conversation


Repeat as needed

Purchasing Bulk Sessions for Your School

Your school can purchase a number of sessions ahead of time at a 20% discount and offer it to your students. Find out how you can try it out before you buy! Contact us via email at [email protected] or fill out this form to learn more.

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