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Major Decision™ gives high school students and their families direct, real-time access to current college students. Get honest, impartial feedback on admissions, majors, athletics, Greek life, the local community and more!

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Get direct, real-time access to current students at colleges across the U.S. Get honest, impartial feedback on admissions, majors, athletics, Greek life, the local community and more!

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Using Major Decision in Your College Journey



In your sophomore or junior year of high school, you should create a list of colleges you want to consider. Whether it’s 10 or 20, talking with current students can help you narrow your list.


Campus Visit

Campus visits were great before the COVID-19 pandemic, but can be time consuming, expensive, or just plain unavailable.  Can you guarantee you will you walk away with answers to all of your questions? Our Student Advisors can give you the inside scoop on all of the information not provided on the official tour.



Application fees can add up, from $50 up to $100 for elite colleges. By speaking with a Student Advisor before you start the application process, you can narrow your list to your top picks and save money on application fees


Commitment Decision

There are so many factors that go into choosing the perfect college. Speaking with a Student Advisor can boost your confidence that you’re making the right choice. 


Preparing for that First Semester

The decisions don’t end once you’ve picked a college. Now you have to decide what to pack, where to live, which courses to take, meal plans and more. Talking with a current student can help you navigate this new phase of your journey.

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